Videos and other media

Here is a list of media whose production I am involved in or which otherwise relate to my work.

  • ​​​Professor Michèle Tertilt on Gender in the Macroeconomy and Women in Economics  [LISER, March 2020]
  • ​Professor Costas Meghir on Human Capital, Early Childhood, Multilingualism  [LISER, June 2019]
  • ​Professor Arthur Lewbel on Economics, Machines, Job Market [LISER, December 2017]
  • ​Professor Sir Richard Blundell on Inequality and its various modern manifestations [LISER, March 2020]

Alexandros Theloudis

Tilburg University

University service

I am co-organising the EcoStat (Econometrics & Statistics) seminar in Tilburg, as well as the School's Koopmans seminar, a seminar series that runs ceremonially twice per year hosting distinguished senior scholars who have made substantial contributions to the economics & finance literature.