Luxembourg Institute for Socio-Economic Research

Alexandros Theloudis

Academic Year 2016-17

This year I taught a day-long econometrics course on Moments-Based Methods for Structural Estimation. The course took place in LISER in March 2017 and was open to academics and students across universities, research institutes, and banks in Luxembourg and the neighbouring regions. Slides. Code.

Previous Academic Years

I have taught the following courses at UCL serving as teaching assistant:

  1. 2015-16 Mathematics and Statistics (graduate tutorial)
  2. 2013-16 Econometric and Programming Skills (Stata workshop)
  3. 2013-15 Econometrics 
  4. 2011-13 Microeconomics 101
  5. 2011-12 Macroeconomics 101

Teaching Awards

I have received an 'Excellence in Teaching' award from the Department of Economics at UCL and an 'Outstanding Teaching' nomination directly from students (Union-run scheme).