Tilburg University

Alexandros Theloudis


Currently I teach two courses at Tilburg University:

  1. Microeconometrics, MSc;
  2. Econometrics for Policy Analysis, 3rd undergraduate. 

Previously I have taught:

  • Moments-Based Methods for Structural Estimation, PhD, LISER;
  • Research Methods: Mathematics and Statistics, MSc, UCL;
  • Research Methods: Econometric and Programming Skills, MSc, UCL;
  • Econometrics, 2nd year undergraduate, UCL;
  • Microeconomics, 1st year undergraduate, UCL;
  • Macroeconomics, 1st year undergraduate, UCL.


I have received an Excellence in Teaching award from the Department of Economics at UCL and an Outstanding Teaching nomination directly from students.​

Office hours for students 

I maintain an open-door policy when I am physically in the office. This means, Covid-measures permitting, simply come by (office K-508 on the 5th floor of the Koopmans Building) and talk. Alternatively, email me for an in-person or Zoom appointment.